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Set of 2 connectors - whelping / weaning/ potty training / play area box connectors

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Customers have been requesting it - and we finally had time to make them . . . a set of connectors to attach two whelping boxes together to create a weaning, potty training or puppy play area! Use this set of connectors to attach a large whelping box to another large, or connect two mediums together (designed to connect 2 whelping boxes of the same size together). Super simple to use, just slide it over the rear corners of box one and slide the sides of box two in to the connector slots. Just like our whelping boxes - no tools required and both boxes will be super sturdy. Use it with a door from box one to box two, or slide in the end with no door and use it as two separate areas.

This listing is for a set of 2 connectors only - whelping boxes sold separately.

PVC rails will only be able to be installed in one box while connected.